Project Mega-Mega Desk - Pt 1.

If you like The Office, then you probably remember Dwight’s Mega Desk. ‘nuff said.

But r/battlestations is what inspired me to create a large workspace/desk. Their desks are much better than Dwight’s “mega” desk.

Well…the timing is right and I sold some extra stuff on eBay. It’s time…




After forgetting the blue IKEA bag, breaking a candle in the parking lot, and buying too many things for the kitchen and bathroom I don’t really need, here’s what I’ve ended up with:

3x EKBACKEN countertop (74") - $79/ea

2x ALEX storage drawer - $79/ea (they cost the same, and weigh MORE than the giant countertops!)

8x OLOV table legs - $15/ea

2x ADILS table legs - $4/ea

4x SIGNUM cable management brackets - $12.99/ea

Yes…not one, not two, but three 6'2" countertops? 18 and a half feet of pure…mega…desk. Going with the $79 countertops saved me a good deal of greenbacks for the desk lighting.

1x Philips Hue Strips Starter Kit (80") - $89

2x Philips Hue Strips extension kits (40") - $29/ea

3x Philips Hue A19 Multi-Color bulbs - $49/ea

(that last one wasn’t really for the desk, just the room as a whole)

Believe it or not…it actually makes more sense in terms of “value” to get Philips lighting over IKEA’s LEDBERG solution.

But with pretty much everything else in this post, more on that later. The taste of Swedish meatballs and lignonberries is going to take a while to get rid of…


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