Strange Dreams

From time to time, we all get strange dreams, but how often do we try to figure out the implications of these dreams? As the adage goes, if you’re dreaming about falling down an elevator, times are changing. If you’re dreaming of pleasant things or accomplishments, it represents security in your life. Yeah, security. Right.

Yesterday, I had a dream about the upcoming iPhone 6. Considering that the phone isn’t even out yet, you might stop and try to analyze the dream without even batting an eye. “Times for you are changing, just like how the iPhone is changing again.” Or, “You know the Apple/iOS ecosystem, and you’re comfortable within the walled garden. Your life is secure.”

You would be right to label my life situation as such. But did you even stop to think why you did this? What makes this dream so implausible for you anyway, and why so intriguing for me?

The Dream

The iPhone in my dreams was just like the one in this image. The front was inviting, familiar, and like home. It’s the part of the phone we all look at, and even with internal changes, this is where we go to experience “Apple Magic”. Security.

The back of the phone was different. The sides remained the same as in the “leaks”, but the back resembled the HTC Incredible. Both the front and back panel were the same color, but that back panel had a cold, raised and raw texture, unlike Apple’s cozy front and side panels. Underneath that plate was a world of a electrical powerhouse - a 64-bit APU that has the power of my Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro. 8GB of RAM, and more storage than I needed. These sorts of specs couldn’t be fathomed in the Garden of Eden, but they could be in another realm.


What is it I’m really trying to say? Even I don’t know, but if anything is clear, I’m not alone in wanting the best of both worlds. Who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too? One day, we can get there. But for now, it all just seems so strange.

Why? Why so strange? Dreams, especially about technology are a bit strange, for a couple of reasons:

Getting Ahead

It is the true technical profession to outsource his/herself to make technology appear invisible. Until this happens, we will be directly involved in the creation and maintenance of our technology.

Can we ever reach true invisibility and full human integration with modern technology? If we do, what happens after this is accomplished? Will we, and will our children have these cybernetic fantasies where technology is the accomplisher, and not the mechanism of accomplishment?

Ray Bradbury may already have the answer for that in his poem, The Veldt.

I’m nervous, yet excited, for a reality like this. Are you?


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