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Types of Writers

Bad writers can’t/won’t/don’t fully express themselves.

Good writers might need mojitos and are really just bad writers in denial.

Great writers uncontrollably bleed all over the page.

Crazy writers

Zen writers just let the blood keep flowing, along with everything else.

Vampire writers want other’s blood to fuel their own writing.

Technical writers bleed and document the twelve steps on how to make yourself do that very thing.

API writers build blood vats (losing a lot of blood in the process) that anyone can use on any page, however they desire.

Business writers bleed currency and that hurts more since currency is (mostly) a solid object, or its clogged the pipes with cats.

Staff writers find other people’s blood and write all about it.

There are many other types of writers I left out. Blame the dry tap.

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Project Mega-Mega Desk - Pt 1.

If you like The Office, then you probably remember Dwight’s Mega Desk. ‘nuff said.

But r/battlestations is what inspired me to create a large workspace/desk. Their desks are much better than Dwight’s “mega” desk.

Well…the timing is right and I sold some extra stuff on eBay. It’s time…




After forgetting the blue IKEA bag, breaking a candle in the parking lot, and buying too many things for the kitchen and bathroom I don’t really need, here’s what I’ve ended up with:

3x EKBACKEN countertop (74") - $79/ea

2x ALEX storage drawer - $79/ea (they cost the same, and weigh MORE than the giant countertops!)

8x OLOV table legs - $15/ea

2x ADILS table legs - $4/ea

4x SIGNUM cable management brackets - $12.99/ea

Yes…not one, not two, but three 6'2" countertops? 18 and a half feet of pure…mega…desk. Going with the $79 countertops saved me a good deal of greenbacks for...

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Well, that didn’t last long…

So much for New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve fallen pretty flat on my face keeping this up to date. Have we already lost momentum for our goals? We can use the same excuses over and over every year, but with each calendar the reasons grow stale.

I have to do better.

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Day Seven: Seeing Snow

It was great to finally see some snowfall in South Carolina, even if it was only for about 15 minutes earlier this morning.

I’m just glad this didn’t happen to me.

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Day Six: Snoozefest

I finally got to see the episode this magical gif originated from:

alt text

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Day Five: Refresh

Technology and automation make it easy to let the mundane become routine. Why not try something different? This does not have to be something life-altering, like making today the day you finally get back into your exercise routine (but seriously, that’s awesome if you choose to do that!). Rather, make a conscious choice to do something different. Go into that shop you’ve never been to. Go to the store and buy a random item. Whatever it is you’re doing, make sure it’s a course of action, and notice what little around you has changed. So many of us are afraid to make the big jumps in life, but if you can manage the small stuff, is it really any different?

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Day Four: Mentality

The thing that keeps us going, driving our perseverance. No matter what setbacks you may face, keep a positive mentality. Misery loves company, but real company is best achieved through a healthy mindset. Take your falls in stride, get back up and keep moving forward.

For anyone who has a new year’s resolution to lose weight, don’t let the scale shock you. If you miss workouts, don’t become discouraged. Weight loss is a journey, not a destination. If you treat your health like a project, it will crumble like your cookies - not fortify like your fruits.

If you’re in the market for some new headphones to jam in the gym with, check out those new Jaybird X3’s, or even the Jaybird Freedoms on sale at Best Buy for $149. Look for a more detailed comparison between some of the wireless headphones I own, and their uses in the gym, this weekend.

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Day Three: Double Header

Whenever I miss a day of posting, the plan is to simply tack on another post. It defeats the purpose of this current blog though, so I will have to do better. For what it’s worth, I also overslept and missed gym time yesterday.

Since it’s the first week of the new year, how about we tackle another resolution: tightening finances. Instead of recommending another finance tracking app, or a bank account that let’s you control your budgets, how about something frugal and delicious?

If you’re a Costco member, pick up that item instead for $29.99 at your nearest warehouse. Score a 25-lb bag of rice for $7.49, and enjoy your fat stacks (of rice…and money).

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Day Two: $*#%!

Recently, I have had issues with road rage. Mind you, not confronting other drivers directly, but just commenting on their (poor) driving skills in general. Today, I saw another driver attempt to leave a parking lot adjacent to an extremely busy road. The driver was aggressive and started shouting at the car in front of me for not letting them out. The car inched out anyways, and while shouting at the driver in front of me, hit the rear bumper of another car, since they weren’t looking ahead. To me, at least, it was pretty funny, since it was a classic scenario of “instant karma”. But, on a more serious note, take the extra few seconds and just be patient on the roads; getting to that stoplight three seconds earlier is not worth jeopardizing the safety of those around you. If only I had invested in a dash cam…

On an unrelated note, can we get rid of the chin curtain beard trend this...

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Day One: Moderate to Severe musings. Side effects include…

Fever, runny and achy throat, inflamed sinuses, broadened new year’s resolutions, swelling, and other symptoms. If you’ve stopped giving a crap, see your doctor immediately.

My body woke up this morning more excited for 2017 than my mind was, since it decided to get the ball rolling with new years’ resolutions; by getting me sick, of course! At the very least, I can say I was one of the first people to fall (slightly) ill this year…

One of my “resolutions” is to create a post here every day of the year, whether it be a photo, blurb, review, etc. SVBTLE is still alive and well in 2017, thank goodness! This blogging platform is great, and with enough time, I’ll be able to recall most markdown from memory.

While we’re on the subject, can we talk about resolutions? Why not just call them goals? The choice in words seems to have a profound effect on how people approach their desired...

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